NUSHU Group Facilitator Training

Frequently asked questions

If you feel called to help others, to be of service, but you don’t know exactly what form that could take, this is for you. If you already have a practice of healing or teaching (yoga, nutrition, life coach, reiki, etc.), NUSHU Group is a complementary and additional modality that you can offer your community. If you have participated in Group and have enjoyed the environment of trust, safety, and love, this is an up-leveling of that experience.

Is NUSHU Group Facilitator Training for me?

In a world of increasing disconnection and loneliness, NUSHU Group is an opportunity to experience intentional community, where we have the permission, conditions, and support to share what’s on our mind and in our hearts and connect deeply with other human beings. It is a space where we do not fix or give advice, but where we simply witness others and are witnessed ourselves. In a small group and guided by a facilitator and prompts, this modality allows us to powerfully access our own healing, to know ourselves in order to remember our wholeness and catalyze positive change.

What is NUSHU Group?

– Alicia Pearlman

"I would recommend this training because we as human beings need connection, now more than ever. NUSHU Group creates and fosters this. By participating in this training, I created connection, I felt compassion and understanding towards myself and others, and I am confident that this training should be shared."

– Colby Jones

"Going through the training was truly transformative for me, not only in teaching me how to help facilitate NUSHU Group and create a safe space but also in ways that I can take with me in my life day-to-day. I find myself thinking about things in different ways and really leaning into when people share something with me."

– Katie Beam

"I can't express how grateful I am for this experience. I have always been passionate about reading, writing, spirituality and mindfulness and have often wondered how to pursue this passion. NUSHU helped to direct me in this journey and I am so grateful and re-energized."

– Maureen Cho

"NUSHU Group Facilitator Training shaped me and is still challenging me to come out of my shell to see myself as a leader. Every session brought me to a new level of awareness about how I carry myself in the world."

Yes. We provide guidance and resources to help you understand what trauma is and how to keep your NUSHU Group participants safe.


The 90-minute weekly training sessions are mandatory. In addition, there will be about 90 minutes of self-paced work to complete each week. There are masterclasses and bonus sessions, which are optional (but highly encouraged) and will be recorded should you not be able to attend during the scheduled time.


Facilitating NUSHU Group is available to anyone who holds the intention of love and has the capacity to show up for others with compassion and non-judgment. There are no skills or specific qualifications required.

What if my inner dialogue says: "Who am I to think that I could be a leader or a teacher and help others on their personal journey?" If you are having these doubts, this is exactly for you. NUSHU Group Facilitator Training addresses the underlying doubts that limit our empowerment and prevent us from stepping into our full healing power and accessing our gifts to help others. 


– Brooke Gramer

"Our weekly homework was an invitation to explore all parts of ourselves with gentle compassion. We learned that striving to hold space for others helps you grow tremendously yourself. I saw each one of the facilitators in my class grow exponentially between the first and final training session. By the end, I was able to see in myself what my class saw in me."

– Stefanie Skinner

"It is an incredible, safe, confidential container to meet a group of interesting, compassionate, and authentic people. Facilitator Training is a space where one can explore deeper questions, shadows, thoughts, and explorations into spirit. A safe space to learn about oneself and others."

– Nisha Khare

"The training laid a trusting and warm foundation, which helped me tap back into my strength and open up in an honest way. Not only did I connect with others, I deeply connected with myself. I wish for everyone to step into the NUSHU Group practice and experience the simple beauty of support and love."


Please email any questions to We’re here for you, always!

What if I have more questions?

For the duration of the training, each participant will be assigned to a smaller 6 person cohort guided by a NUSHU Mentor. These smaller groups will meet in breakout rooms to experience NUSHU Group. Each participant will facilitate a NUSHU Group experience through the offering of prompts and inviting the other members to share. Your NUSHU Mentor is available before your session to help you prepare your prompts and will also give you feedback after your turn. Please know that we will support you fully and completely and that you will be in the most supportive and loving environment possible for trying something new!