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NUSHU Group Facilitator Training

01. Professional Development

Energetic Interior Designer & Crystal Healer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

– Rashia Bell

“This experience has been so different from other group experiences I’ve participated in. It has felt like a much more supported and balanced space. As someone who’s been facilitating and holding space for a long time, this training has shown me a different and more simplified approach to facilitation. It has shone a light on a way that’s much more ease-filled and rich.”

Director of Client Services in Denver, Colorado

– Amber Kissack

"The principles of NUSHU apply far and wide beyond NUSHU Group. Thoughtful questions and prompts coupled with deep listening have changed the way we do business. From the interview process to internal team meetings, these principles have contributed to a safer, more creative, and more productive working environment."

Life Coach Instructor & Meditation Teacher in Columbus, Ohio


“I led approximately 20 groups in 2021. For me, NUSHU facilitation was the perfect way to transition from 1:1 coaching work into more virtual group settings. That allowed me to serve more clients in the same amount of time and sit back and watch them guide themselves really, because they have all the insights within them that come out in this type of safe container. Now when companies and universities ask me to provide workshops, I'm able to offer NUSHU facilitation as part of my toolkit. So grateful for the training!”

Yoga Studio Owner in New York, New York

– Iris Cohen

“As a yoga teacher and wellness professional, I hoped the NUSHU Facilitator training would supplement my yoga teaching with an additional self-care modality to offer my students. What I discovered is that in addition to offering NUSHU Groups to my yoga students, it expanded my offerings to a broader population. I have been regularly offering weekly Groups since completing the training in the summer of 2020 and continually growing my network. As my passion for learning about this modality grew, NUSHU also offered me a mentorship position in the facilitator training allowing me to bolster my leadership skills. Most of all, the support of the NUSHU leadership and their expansive, thoughtfully curated programming is a gift to anyone looking for conscious community and learning.”

CEO at Greater New York Councils, Boy Scouts of America in New York, New York

– Saroya Friedman-Gonzalez 

“I am enjoying participating in the training and have really learned so much. Plus I have really enjoyed meeting the other facilitators. I have already started using many components of NUSHU at work. It's been a game changer in terms of bringing the team closer.”

Mindfulness and Mindset Coach in Thornton, Colorado

– Michele Walter

“I’ve led a 6-week ongoing series and 5-6 individual NUSHU Group sessions. Adding NUSHU to my suite of offerings has provided a beautiful layer to the way in which I can serve my clients and audience. For complimentary sessions, NUSHU offers a way for people who haven’t yet decided to work with me, to experience how I can support them. And for series and groups with an investment, it has provided me a much-appreciated additional source of income that has been vital not only during the pandemic, but as a new solo-preneur."

Wellness Coach in Greenwich, Connecticut

– Courtney evans

“I see a lot of potential to weave what I’ve learned from this training into my wellness coaching practice. NUSHU Group has been instrumental to my deeper exploration of self. In widening my own aperture of awareness, I’ve become more capable of confidently holding space for others to explore the same. My work as a NUSHU Group Facilitator exploring authenticity, truth, story and voice has meaningfully changed for the better how I support clients in their own wellness journeys. There is simply no other modality that more powerfully connects you to yourself + community in the same breath than NUSHU.”

Wellness Coach in Orlando, Florida

– Ashley Howard

"I know many incredible women who are space holders and could add this to their offerings to reach their communities more deeply."

Teacher in Ridgewood, New Jersey


“The training was a way for me to get to know myself as an educator in a way that my traditional schooling never did.”

Engineer, Nonprofit Volunteer Leader in Tenants Harbor, Maine

– Susan Bates

"Offering NUSHU Groups is a meaningful way for me to serve others. When I witness people connecting, and remembering what matters to them, I know I’ve found my calling for this stage of my life."

"Because of NUSHU, I’m a deeper listener and more confident and present as a space holder, and in my ability to facilitate more authentic conversations with my clients.

I’d tell anyone who’s thinking of participating in NUSHU Group or completing NUSHU Group Facilitator Training to try it! It will be unlike anything you’ve experienced, but in the end, you’ll know yourself better than when you started."

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02. Personal Development

Publicist in Miami, Florida

– Angelica Galan

“This training, the space you’ve created, is needed now more than ever. As much as this training is to learn to hold space for others (and yourself), I did it mostly for me. It is something that grounded me during a very challenging time.”

Healthcare Director in Durham, North Carolina

– Candace Ramirez

“Allowing myself to be vulnerable with new people doesn’t come easy to me, and yet it was easy in this training and that has been powerful, surprising, and very welcomed. I realized and got confirmation on how much holding space for people in a safe way is needed. It’s been a fantastic experience, with lots of growth and realization.”

Trauma-Informed Certified Life Coach in Kansas City, Missouri

– Whitney Sweeney

“Learning to facilitate NUSHU Group is not only important, but powerful. Teaching active listening is a valuable skill that everyone should learn.”

Meditation Teacher in Brooklyn, New York

– Demetruis Napolitano

“Everyone needs a place where they can openly share what’s on their heart and mind, and where their innermost thoughts will be received with a listening ear free of any judgment. Because of NUSHU Group Facilitator Training, I’m now able to hold space for others and myself in a more compassionate way and am forever thankful for experiencing the power of this training.”

Business Management in Baldwin Harbor, New York

– Tess Brunetti

“This training has given me a clearer path to find my own answers to life's little queries. It has had a profound effect on my personal healing journey.  I came out of it learning how to be a better communicator."

Spiritual Life Coach in Brooklyn, New York

– Brooke Gramer

"I saw each one of the facilitators in my class grow exponentially between the first and final training sessions. By the end, I was able to see in myself what my fellow classmates saw in me."

Educator in Dundee, Michigan


“This training has helped me learn more about myself and connect with others who are on a journey of living authentically. I feel like I'm so much closer to living as me. This training is too good not to share.”

 "Coming out of the training, I have since founded three NUSHU Groups that include a circle of nonprofit leaders, college to current friends, and women who are in the ‘third third of life,’ a term coined by Anne Lamott. The training and these experiences have changed the relationships with the people in my life for the better. The advice I would give to anyone who’s thinking of joining and participating in NUSHU Group or completing NUSHU Group Facilitator Training is to trust your gut."

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03. Community

Nutrition and Fitness Coach in Montreal, Canada

– Renee Young

“I came into this training with a slew of doubts and fears. I was disarmed almost immediately and came to feel that I really belonged in this incredible group. That feeling of support, nonjudgement, and belonging went a long way in my self-confidence as a person, as well as a facilitator and space-holder for others. I learned how to show up for myself more fully, so that I could in turn, do so for others with less worry, fear and attachment to outcomes.”

Brand Marketing Consultant in Westport, Connecticut


“The quality of people in this training was something special that moved me in ways I've never experienced before. It is rare to feel accepted and seen in a group where each individual is so thoughtful, intelligent, and empathetic."

Yoga Instructor in Rye, New York

– Naomi Norman

"NUSHU Group Facilitator Training is a great opportunity for personal growth and deep introspection. The lessons are laid out in a logical, yet inspiring format, each one building on the previous one. Authentic connections were made, stories were shared, and most importantly, we gave each other the space to really tap into our innermost wisdom. I was humbled and honored to be a part of this training."

Catastrophe Claim Adjuster in Prairie Village, Kansas


“I learned that I could connect with people really deeply in a short period of time, which was a gift. And I’m really going to miss talking with the women in our cohort; we really connected and it was such a lovely gift.”

Arts and Entertainment in Iloilo City, Philippines

– Joce Sta Maria

“I felt so inspired by the women in my cohort and what they brought to the collective. NUSHU Group Facilitator Training is for everyone and anyone who is open and drawn to this work. Thank you for sharing this gift with me.”

Nutrition and Fitness Coach in Montreal, Canada

– Renee Young

“I enjoyed going on this journey together with the other women. We all seemed to have similar fears and the support we gave one another was exactly what I needed to feel equipped to go out on my own as a NUSHU Group Facilitator.”

Public Relations Consultant in San Diego, California

– Alicia Pearlman

"We as human beings need connection, now more than ever. NUSHU Group Facilitator Training creates and fosters this. By participating in this training, I created connection and felt compassion and understanding towards myself and others.”

"I yearned for people, especially women, who I could connect and cultivate community with, walk alongside and learn from, and I found that in NUSHU. It’s such a beautiful experience to see women supporting women in a gentle and genuine way. This is something greater beyond my wildest dreams– anything beyond my manifestations– and I am consistently blown away by the genuine love and support this community has offered me.”

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04. Training Structure

Physical Therapist and Movement Educator in New York, New York

– Dr. Katrina Rinne

“This has by far been the most well organized online course I have taken and everything is very user friendly and seamless. I approached the training with an open mind, open heart and a lot of curiosity, and was blown away by how much I learned on an extraordinarily deep level.”

Activist in Medford, New Jersey

– Kei Kurimoto

"The training was filled with impactful reflections and experiential learning. The lessons felt rich and also manageable enough to integrate from week to week. That is a hard balance and I think you achieved it really well.”

Spirituality and Transformation in Pebble Beach, California

– Stefanie Skinner

“I felt completely supported throughout the training. My mentor was an incredible resource and confidant who allowed me to own my process while guiding me to feel successful.”

Yoga Instructor in New York, New York

– Vanessa Fried

“It is so powerful and gentle at the same time. I love how organized and clear the sessions have been and how supported I feel.”

Marketing and Communications in Charleston, South Carolina

– Colby Jones

“I love the structure of the sessions each week and the resources available. I love that there’s accountability, but that it doesn’t feel too forced…it’s very much ‘come as you are’ and ‘learn as you go.” 

Wellness Coach in Greenwich, Connecticut

– Courtney Evans

“Thank you for this beautiful offering you've created. I've done some many 'women's enrichment' programs and they all fall short on soul. NUSHU has soul in spades.”

Mindfulness and Mindset Coach in Thornton, Colorado

– Michele Walter

“It's so beautifully simple and yet so profoundly deep and multi-layered. I firmly believe that this training has transformative power.”

Brand Marketing Consultant in Westport, Connecticut


“Vanessa has curated the most calming, intellectual content from the brightest contemporary spiritual thought leaders. The true essence of all that vast wisdom is distilled and delivered in this training.”

"I’ve grown really close to members of the NUSHU community, and they show up for me in ways that other people don’t. I’ve shared things with them that I’ve never shared with anyone else. During the pandemic when I was home alone all day and too scared to go out, having their support and company meant everything to me. Never in my life did I believe my network of friends would be expanded because of vulnerability and compassion and all of the things in between."

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05. General

Marketing in Snowshoe, West Virginia

– Dominique Lategano

"Learning to hold space was so profound and it has influenced so many areas of my life. I am grateful to have found this amazing community and training!"

Mental Health Counselor in Queens, New York

– Joi Campbell

“You will not only learn how to be a NUSHU Group Facilitator, but you will also learn a lot about yourself in the process. It is truly a co-healing space, and you will be much better for it afterwards.”

Educator in Dundee, Michigan

– Tricia Rushlow

“My heart is bursting with gratitude for this training.”

Finance Professional and Entrepreneur in Sydney, Australia

– Tracey Frost

“I'm just so taken by and so incredibly inspired by the impact this training can have.”

Spirituality and Transformation in Pebble Beach, California

– Stefanie Skinner

“This is a place of authenticity, sharing and growth.”

Activist in Medford, New Jersey

– Kei Kurimoto

“Thank you for all the time, energy and heart you put into creating this experience for us, and the healing this is rippling into the world."

"Since participating in NUSHU Group, completing the NUSHU Group Facilitator Training, and mentoring upcoming NUSHU Group Facilitators, I’ve taken these teachings and my experiences as a mother, a dancer, a naturalist, a fitness athlete, and a physical therapist, and I’ve pulled them into a space of holistic wellness. I started writing my book, Bodies of Earth, and I now facilitate my own group called the “Earth-Body Community Group."

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Human Biography and Women of Wonder Co-Founder in Vancouver, Canada


“I loved the inclusive, gentle approach of the training. Even though you are the experts, you helped us feel that we had much to add as well.”

Business Management in Baldwin Harbor, New York

– Tess Brunetti

"This experience is all I can talk about.”

Teacher, Yoga Studio Owner/Instructor in Winona, Minnesota

– Heather Beier

“When you think of what can change the world, it’s things like this.”

Finance Professional and Entrepreneur in Sydney, Australia

– Tracey Frost

It is a unique and special place like nothing I have ever had the good fortune to experience. It is an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Interior Designer in Charlotte, North Carolina

– Katie Beam

"I believe that the world needs more work like NUSHU in it; open, conscious conversation and connection can heal so much.”

Physical Therapist in Strafford, Vermont


"This training is life-changing. If you are looking to establish community, healing, and a new perspective on humanity, this is for you!"

"NUSHU Group offered space for me to sit with my thoughts and to have intensely interesting conversations around thoughtful questions. I started to think of life in different ways because I gave myself the space to slow down from doing everything else and taking care of everyone else. Since then, my coaching and my interactions with family, friends, and clients have changed for the better."

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