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The NUSHU Thought Leader Series is a webinar series hosted by NUSHU founder Vanessa Cornell. It was born out of a desire to offer connection and support during a challenging time through inspiring conversations.

We are proud to offer live access to our Thought Leader Series free of charge to the NUSHU community and encourage you to register for any upcoming conversations below. If you would like to revisit any of the past talks or watch them on your own time, by accessing the recordings, the 2020 series is available for purchase.

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Are you obsessed with one particular aspect of your wellness, maybe fitness or food? Consider this: If it is taking up too much of your life and occupying a large part of your thoughts, then maybe it’s not contributing to your overall well-being.

Three-time New York Times best-selling author, nutritionist and meditation teacher Kimberly Snyder is an expert on balance. A longtime advocate for holistic wellness, Kimberly founded Solluna to promote health, wholeness, self-acceptance, healing and inclusion.

Her work is rooted in the belief that beauty is built from within and takes a holistic approach to helping others unlock their full potential. Balancing Food, Body, Emotional Well Being and Spiritual Growth, dubbed “The Four Cornerstones,” are at the core of her mission, and neglecting one area or over-emphasizing another can lead to imbalance.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss what true balance actually means, how to establish it, and create daily boundaries for ourselves to maintain these cornerstones. We owe it to ourselves to invest in balance to achieve the highest levels of health, energy, vitality, beauty, and power.

Wednesday, April 21
12:00-1:00pm EST


Kimberly Snyder 

Identifying the Pillars of Wellness 

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How do we transform our pain into aliveness and shift from despair to hope? Let’s cut through the bullshit. Life is hard. There is no silver bullet. We all carry pain and fear. Loss and grief are real and deserve to be acknowledged. Life can also be glorious and magical, spectacularly and intensely beautiful. Biet Simkin knows there are two sides to the same coin. 

World-renowned meditation leader dubbed the “David Bowie of Meditation” joins us for a conversation on navigating life’s challenges and reclaiming self-worth in a world that's been turned upside down.

A renowned meditation leader, author, and influencer, Biet seamlessly weaves the world of pop culture and spirituality. A string of life-changing events led Biet down a path of awakening. She is no stranger to navigating life’s challenges and reclaiming self-worth in a world that's been turned upside down.

In this webinar, we discuss experiencing hardship, the power of meditation, and how resilience is available to every one of us, no matter our circumstances. If anyone knows how to cultivate a personal practice that helps improve the greater world, it's Biet. She has turned her lifetime study of meditation into something that benefits others, teaching practical applications of ancient spiritual wisdom. 

Wednesday, May 5
12:00-1:00pm EST


 Biet Simkin

The Triumph of the Human Spirit 

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We invite you to join us for a live conversation with Joanna Coles for a discussion on the innovations, trends and insights that will influence society after a crisis.

When everything gets thrown up into the air, how will the chips fall? 

The answer is anyone’s guess, but we’re betting on Joanna Coles to have more
insight than most. As an award-winning journalist, influencer, and Chief Content Officer at Hearst from 2016 to 2018, Joanna has been a close and curious observer of trends, cultural shifts, and emerging ideas for decades.

The global pandemic has posed massive changes in the way we work, play, and go about everything in between. Despite these challenges, solopreneurs and global brands alike have discovered new creative avenues and outlets to do business.

How will some of those key innovations shape and influence society after a crisis?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the best pandemic-driven insights, who the most exciting entrepreneurs to watch right now are and what qualities prime those individuals for success.

Wednesday, May 19
12:00-1:00pm EST


Joanna Coles 

The Culture Shift of COVID-19: The Innovations, Trends and Insights That Will Influence Society After a Crisis