Do you want to become a better listener? Do you find it hard to stay present or that you’re already formulating a response while someone is sharing?

You’re not alone! Even with the best of intentions, it’s hard to remain fully present in our daily conversations. Active listening takes awareness and practice. At this NUSHU Group, you’re in good company. We’re all showing up with the same intention: to practice, do better, and connect in more meaningful ways with the ones we care about most. Learn more about NUSHU Group.

Wednesday, October 4
12-1:30pm EDT
Facilitator: vanessa

NUSHU Group: The Art of Listening for Stronger Relationships

Special Events & Series

Join us for a special in-person NUSHU Group, facilitated by Vanessa Cornell, and sound bath experience on September 26th at 1:15pm.

As we leave the stillness of summer and are thrust back into our regular routines, one question is top of mind: How can I preserve this replenished feeling through the Fall?

We know that “back-to-school” and the return to busier months can feel like you’re being shot out of a cannon. Let us support you through this transition and help you build resilience so you can manage what’s on your plate without feeling depleted or overwhelmed.

For this in-person experience, we’ll gather at Sage + Sound, a zen oasis nestled in the Upper East Side, for 60 minutes of NUSHU Group followed by 30 minutes of Sound Experience for deep restoration and connectivity.

What to Expect - NUSHU Group
  • 60 minutes of prompts, journaling, and group sharing, facilitated by Vanessa Cornell.
  • An intimate circle that offers a safe space to say things out loud, free of fixing and advice-giving.

What to Expect - Sound Experience
  • 30-minute immersive sound experience with guided meditation using sound as a central place of focused awareness.
  • Full immersion of sounds from a variety of overtone-emitting instruments

Tuesday, September 26
1481 3RD Avenue NY, NY 10028

Restoration and Strength
In-Person NUSHU Group + Sound Experience with Vanessa Cornell

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NUSHU Surf Retreat

April 28-May 4, 2024

Experience what a full-body YES feels like. Join us for an unforgettable week in Nosara, Costa Rica.