Through the power of true community, NUSHU holds a safe space and creates a supportive environment for those seeking to live authentic, inspired, and joyful lives. We envision a world where the healing power of NUSHU Group is available and accessible to all.

Group is an intimate series of sessions with 8-10 participants, guided by a NUSHU Group Facilitator, that offers a safe space to say things out loud, free of fixing, advice-giving, or judgment.

A circle of trust is created when participants read and agree to the NUSHU Group Guidelines, which help them understand what it means to hold space. Following the review of the guidelines, participants journal on a set of prompts, and are then invited to share their reflections with the group. Throughout the series, a NUSHU Group Facilitator is there to guide the group, promote safety, and build trust.

NUSHU Group is a modality that relies on the premise that we are all whole and that the answers we seek are all found inside us. We believe that everyone has the capacity to connect deeply with others, and that when we gather for each other in a container of trust, the potential for healing is vast.

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We offer NUSHU Group to the public and hold NUSHU Group Facilitator Training for those who want to learn how to hold powerful space for others. We also bring in a highly curated group of the most potent and loving thinkers, teachers, and practitioners through our NUSHU experiences. Our goal is to share meaningful ideas and practices with generosity, and to create a space in which humans can connect deeply with each other and themselves.

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Nüshu is a mysterious language that was used exclusively by women in Ancient China. Because they were denied formal education, the language was secretly developed by women, for women. For hundreds of years, it was used as a way to express love and solidarity amongst women. The last living speaker of Nüshu died in 2004 at the age of 98.


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the NUSHU premise:

There is a deep craving for true connection in each of us.

Connection can only be forged in a space of openness and vulnerability.

We won’t allow ourselves to be open and vulnerable without feeling safe.

Given the opportunity and the expectation, we will participate in holding a space of safety rooted in love.

Vanessa Cornell


I had everything I could have ever dreamed of - a loving husband, five children, abundance and success - and felt trapped in a crushing and debilitating loneliness.

The only thing I was missing was the only thing that actually mattered... a deep and loving connection to self and others. 

And this is where it all started.