Learn the skills and gain the confidence to hold powerful space through the practice of NUSHU Group.

NUSHU Group Facilitator Training

Physical Therapist in Strafford, Vermont


"This training is life-changing. If you are looking to establish community, healing, and a new perspective on humanity, this is for you!"

But this time, it is totally reimagined. In all of our trainings, we found people asking for MORE, MORE, MORE, so we have included more content, more masterclasses, and more experiences. At the same time, we have reduced the number of available spots to ensure a high level of personal attention for each participant. 

NUSHU Group Facilitator Training is BACK!

This may be the last time this training is offered in such an intimate cohort as a fully live course, so if this resonates with you, listen to that inner voice!  

This training is for those who are serious about creating shifts in the world, and may not have yet found the modality or method to express their gifts. It is for those who know, deep down inside, that they have a lot to offer, but do not have the guidance or the framework that feels exactly right for them, or a way to create the impact that they desire. 

Listen to that voice.

Do you feel called to this?

Real Estate Business Owner in Brooklyn, New York

– Tommieka Texeira

“This training allows people to deeply experience internal growth in very subtle but paramount ways simply by showing up. There isn’t a person I know that would not greatly benefit from this experience.”

Business Manager in Baldwin Harbor, New York

– Tess Brunetti

“This training has given me a clearer path to find my own answers to life's little queries. It has had a profound effect on my personal healing journey."

Human Biography and Women of Wonder Co-Founder in Vancouver, Canada


"The training laid a trusting and warm foundation, which helped me tap back into my strength and open up in an honest way. Not only did I connect with others, I deeply connected with myself."

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What you’ll get

Find a soulful and powerful community of like-minded people


Get practical advice on how to expand your business


Transition your current practice to group work


Learn a new and powerful modality to increase your impact and reach


Teacher, Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor in Winona, Minnesota


"This training is an opportunity to learn how to listen deeply to yourself and others. You'll be surrounded by like-minded people who show you how alike we all are beneath the surface. The organization was great, and I really loved the platform. I absolutely loved the group that I was in and gained friendships through this training."

You want to help others but haven’t found a way that feels completely true to who you are

You worry about the disconnection and loneliness you see in the world around you

You’re wary of gurus telling you what to do and think

You want a supportive community with whom to learn and grow

You have an inkling that you are a healer, but you haven't yet dared to say that aloud

You are currently a practitioner but want to expand into group work

You just have a feeling that something about this training aligns with who you are (trust that feeling!)

This is for You if...

Educator in Dundee, Michigan


“This training has helped me learn more about myself and connect with others who are on a journey of living authentically. I feel like I'm so much closer to living as me. This training is too good not to share.”

A comprehensive Guidebook with all training materials
Weekly curation of listening and reading materials
Weekly prompts for further reflection
Worksheets and templates 
Databases of prompts used in NUSHU Groups
Trauma information and resources for further study
Six months of complimentary membership in our Facilitators Circle
Interactive masterclasses with some of the wellness world’s most potent thought leaders

Additional Resources provided to facilitators:

The theory comes together with the practical experience to develop a full and deep understanding of the work!

Two opportunities to practice leading NUSHU Group

Weekly lived experience of NUSHU Group

the next twelve weeks

Part two

An opportunity to practice leading NUSHU Group under the guidance of a NUSHU Mentor

Weekly lived experience participating in and facilitating NUSHU Group

Weekly lessons and interactive masterclasses with Vanessa

the first eight weeks

Part One

A look Inside the Training

Meditation Teacher in Brooklyn, New York

– Demetruis Napolitano

“Everyone needs a place where they can openly share what’s on their heart and mind, and where their innermost thoughts will be received with a listening ear free of any judgment. Because of NUSHU Group Facilitator Training, I’m now able to hold space for others and myself in a more compassionate way and am forever thankful for experiencing the power of this training.”

Creating structure to keep a space safe

Staying in the space of intention

Crafting powerful prompts

Holding deep self-compassion

Keeping your energy safe as a facilitator

Building strong trust within a container

Examining our relationship with money

Confronting imposter syndrome

Going beyond the conscious, linear mind

Letting go of perfectionism

Learning to be a compassionate witness

Some of the topics covered in this training include:

Marketing Manager in Los Angeles, California

– Shirley Monge

“This training should be essential to anyone who wants to become a leader or healer. It teaches you great leadership skills and a better understanding of others.”

“You will not only learn how to be a NUSHU Group Facilitator, but you will also learn a lot about yourself in the process. It is truly a co-healing space, and you will be much better for it afterwards.”

Mental Health Counselor in Queens, NY

– Joi Campbell

Physical Therapist & Movement Educator in New York, NY


“This has by far been the most well organized online course I have taken and everything is very user friendly and seamless. I approached the training with an open mind, open heart and a lot of curiosity, and was blown away by how much I learned on an extraordinarily deep level.”


6-Month Payment Plan:


*Best Value* Payment in Full:

The investment for our 20-week program is $2,699 USD if you pay in full. Payment plans are also available at $499 USD per month for six months.


“When you think of what can change the world, it’s things like this.”

Teacher, Yoga Studio Owner & Instructor in Winona, Minnesota


Thursdays 5-6pm EST

12 weeks from April 14 - June 30

Part two:

Tuesdays 4:30-6pm EST and Thursdays 5-6pm EST

8 weeks from February 15 - April 7

Part One:

This course is a VIRTUAL live training that will begin on February 15, 2022, and will meet twice a week for eight weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. For the remaining twelve weeks, training will take place weekly on Thursdays. All sessions in NUSHU Group Facilitator Training are live. 

Training Schedule

A Letter From Our Founder ⟶

Vanessa lives in relentless pursuit of the truth she holds inside and the loving expression of that truth in the world. She cherishes the relationships she has built with facilitators through the co-creation of the space of NUSHU Group, and believes that the practice of holding space in Group has the potential to heal the world.

About Vanessa Cornell: