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Be more present. Listen better. Connect deeper.

How To Hold Space

Open your eyes to a new way of connecting more deeply and powerfully with everyone you care about. 

Do you want to become a better listener?

Victoria L.
East Hampton, New York

"I have seen a big shift in my inner peace since participating in How To Hold Space. I find that I am more calm and collected, which allows me to be a more intentional listener to others and to myself."

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This course is designed to shift your understanding and increase your capacity to hold powerful space, both in your work and personal life.

Do you want to be more present, easeful, and confident in your everyday life?

Cultivate more presence in your daily life

Establish a deep listening practice

Shift your personal, professional, and family relationships

Create authentic and meaningful connections

Access and empower your inner wisdom

Show up for the people in your life more fully without abandoning yourself

Through fundamental principles and practical experience, you'll learn how to:

Show up with more presence and unlock your ability to help those you love.

"I personally went through a period of intense searching to reconnect with who I was and to show up for the ones I love with more presence. I wish I had been able to do this questioning and discovery in a supportive community, and so I developed this course to do just that."


You want to strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner.

You’re ready to connect more deeply with your family, friends, and colleagues.

You’ve got your guard up or feel like there’s something inside blocking you from creating true connections.

You’re a helping professional who wants to uplevel your game by becoming a more powerful listener.

Do any of these feel true to you?

Kris D.
Quebec, Canada

"I learned how to relax more and hold space for myself, instead of numbing. I don't have to show up to be the fixer of everyone's problems. Sometimes, I can let their experience be the medicine they need."

Virtual community platform to connect with fellow course participants

Lifetime access to course content and future cohorts

Weekly “thought work” with prompts for reflection in between sessions

Teaching sessions with Vanessa, with recordings available





What you’ll get

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Amanda F.
New York, New York

"I feel more aware of the space that is available to me in any given moment; and it is not about doing or making or creating space, it is a gentle recognition of what is possible, and making a choice to support this allowance of grace and space. I see how small shifts can accomplish this and it feels empowering."

We’ve offered NUSHU Group Facilitator Training six times and realized that our training created tremendous personal shifts for people. It was as much personal growth as it was professional growth. 

The training was positively impacting our participants’ relationships with their partners, children, friends, colleagues, and loved ones. But more importantly, it was strengthening their relationships with themselves.

I wanted to create an offering that took the most potent and applicable lessons from training and made them accessible to all. How To Hold Space is a course for anyone in pursuit of more compassion, less judgment, deeper connections, and more clarity.

Why I created this course

I invite you to discover, learn, connect deeply, find your people, and ultimately, find yourself.

"This course has helped me to stay balanced and centered in difficult circumstances. It meant a lot to me, and I will carry this work with me in my community."

Kalia K.
Maui, Hawaii

You’re a helping professional who wants to uplevel your game by becoming a more powerful listener

You want a community of generous, loving, and nonjudgmental people with whom to learn and grow

You want to strengthen emotional intimacy with your partner

You want to connect more deeply with your family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones

You want to be more present, easeful, and confident in your everyday life

You feel like you’re a good listener but could use new tools to improve your skills

You want to be a better listener

This is for You if...

You have an inkling that you have the capacity to hold powerful space and deeply impact other people’s lives

Shift your personal, professional, and family relationships.

Whether you’re a coach, practitioner, friend, parent, or simply interested in being more present and deepening your relationships, this course will make you a better listener and more present in the relationships that matter most.