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We invite you, with love, into this space, to learn and grow with us and, for a brief moment of the day, come home to yourself.

The NUSHU Podcast offers curated wisdom, straight from the heart, to help you navigate this thing called being human. Exploring mindfulness, spirituality, self-love, healing, and community, The NUSHU Podcast offers insight, inspiration, tools, and practices from the world’s most potent thought leaders, created and edited specifically with you, the listener, in mind.

Vanessa Cornell is the founder of NUSHU and an obsessive observer of the human condition. She lives in a state of relentless curiosity about her own desires, fears, motivations, challenges, powers, and patterns. The uncovering of truth in herself and the world is her life’s joyful passion, achieved through dedicated self observance, radical love of self and others, and the ravenous consumption of ideas. 

Vanessa Cornell

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