We understand there’s a bit of mystery when it comes to NUSHU Group. It can be hard to describe until you experience it, and for some, that can feel unsettling. Here, we let our past participants do the talking! We hope their personal stories offer you comfort and understanding. If you have any questions, we’re here to help.

NUSHU Group Testimonials

"I think this has been the most transformative and healing practice I’ve experienced over the last two years. I’m grateful for my facilitator's guidance and to support and be supported by such an impressive group of women. It’s truly provided me with air to breathe again. I have deep admiration for everyone in the circle and NUSHU."

- Lauren P.

New York, New York

Miami, Florida


"NUSHU Group has been a wonderful and healing experience for me. It's hard to describe the power of being witnessed and heard until you've experienced it yourself. I truly can't imagine not having NUSHU in my life. I'm so grateful for all the wonderful people I've met and for Vanessa, Harper, and Cat who create these spaces for everyone."

New York, New York

– dana l.

"Joining this Group couldn’t have happened at a better time; so needed."

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

– Carolyn V.

"NUSHU Group empowers you to speak your truth in a safe space and hold space for others to speak theirs."

Swatar, Malta


"NUSHU Group has been and is a delight, a space for myself yet also for each other, which I thoroughly look forward to."

"A safe and comfortable space for us all to share."

"A sacred space with no judgment or expectations."

"You made me feel heard."

“It’s a place where you can gather and just be and share your thoughts and feelings.”

Past Participants Have Shared

"I loved the mystery of not knowing what I was getting into. I loved the small intimate group and the calm, centering, and patient nature of my facilitator. She had a very healing, welcoming, light presence. I loved the intellectually curious, spiritual, and wellness-focused women."

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New York, New York

- Pegah E.

"Finding wellness and maintaining balance and equilibrium in today's chaotic world is never easy. Being part of such a special group empowers your alignment with the deeper part of yourself. It's greatly beneficial in helping you identify your false beliefs which can truly hold you back from living your best life."

Brooklyn, New York

– Tommieka t.

"So much healing, goodness, and transformation has come into my life by listening to and bearing witness to the stories of the women in all of my groups."

Pretoria, South Africa

– Sino x.

"It was well-paced and time literally flew by! For me, it is very special and sacred that women can hold space for each other and feel heard without any judgment. Group has been very opening and reassuring for me."

Key West, Florida

– Jin Smith

"This is for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, and wants to have a steady, grounded foundation for everyday life."

"I loved how different all the participants were: from different countries, ages, professions."

"I’ve done a lot of group therapy and this particular dynamic struck an emotional cord."

"Excellent job at holding space."

"You set the tone well, and clearly established the guidelines."

Past Participants Have Shared

"When I lost a loved one, NUSHU Group restored my sense of humanity, making me feel held in a safe space. Group can hold so much. We experience co-healing just by holding space for each other. Somehow, we find ourselves in everyone's shares. There is compassion and love by listening, being present, and letting go of the need to fix and be fixed."


New York, NY

Flemington, New Jersey

- AsHton F.

"The whole experience of NUSHU Group has just been tremendous and I really have appreciated the opportunity to grow with an exceptional group of women this fall. It's such a powerful experience!"

"You created a very safe, welcoming environment for sharing and connecting... your prompts were the right temperature, and your own responses set the tone for going inwards."

"The facilitator had such a soothing voice and approach. She also did a wonderful job of weaving all of our shares together in her remarks which I thought was really a talent. It made us for that hour and a half feel like a group and we ended in a space that felt really comfortable for me personally."

"The NUSHU Group Guidelines were very well established. I love how we each had a role in participating and reading through the commitments to the group. My facilitator was very mindful and gentle and helped set the tone of safety and non-judgment."

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"This was my first time experiencing NUSHU Group, and what I got from it was the importance of implementing space into my week that allows for me to just be. The space has given me new perspectives and insights and allowed me to use my mind in a different way. I highly recommend this experience, it was nourishing in ways I didn’t know I needed."


San Francisco, California

Kansas City, Missouri

- Whitney S.

“Every time I participate in NUSHU Group, it solidifies more and more how beautiful it is to be with a group of people you have the same intention with and feel safe with. The beauty of this modality is that the group takes care of itself. That's the power of the group.”

"I was honestly blown away. You created a safe and healthy space for us to share, and you know that you did it so efficiently because we did share. It felt really special."

"You created a safe space for everyone to share. I appreciated that you shared as well. I know that is not customary, but it added to the trusting environment."

"I think the group was perfectly curated. It was nice to be around women that were in the same phase of life and experiencing similar hardships."

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

– Beth M.

“Learning to become aware of my reactions to people has been really enlightening. Bringing that from NUSHU Group into my everyday relationships has proven to be really beneficial. People have noticed and have named it.”