In a world of increasing disconnection and loneliness, our need for heart connection with other human beings is more important than ever. NUSHU Group was created as a space for you to share what is on your mind and in your heart and have it received with love, compassion and non-judgment.

You will be joined by individuals from all over the world across different age groups, socioeconomic divides, and interests who too are looking for a soulful community dedicated to personal growth. In the future, we may consider creating NUSHU Groups along lines of interest, stage of life or other unifying themes. For now, our common denominator is a desire to feel heard and to provide a place where others can feel heard and safe.

No, NUSHU Group is not therapy, and our facilitators are not licensed therapists. There is no mental health advice given in NUSHU Group. Rather, it is a space for self-reflection within a container of trust where you will be witnessed with love and non-judgment. NUSHU Group is not a substitute for one-on-one professional help to support you through mental illness or the processing of trauma, and is not appropriate for those who are in crisis.

For those currently in therapy, NUSHU Group can be a wonderful addition. We have many participants who value both therapy and NUSHU Group, citing that they receive different but complementary support from the two spaces. If you’re unsure whether NUSHU Group is a good fit for you, we encourage you to discuss it with your therapist.

For some, NUSHU Group is simply a lovely respite from a hectic daily life, a place to not feel judged, where they can relax and pause, share frustrations, and make new friends. For others, it is a place to release stories circling madly in the mind, allowing an unburdening that invites in ease and clarity. Others find it to be a catalyst for deep healing and personal awakening. 

We want you to feel very comfortable going at your own pace, and it can take some time for a group to establish trust and gel. The 8 weeks allows each participant to go at their own speed and to have the chance to really get to know each other, form friendships, and co-create a safe space of trust. NUSHU Group is most powerful when a deep level of trust has been established among the participants. We want you to experience the full magic!

Because you are showing up not only for yourself, but also the other members of your NUSHU Group, we expect all participants to commit to attending all sessions, fully present with video on. Of course, we understand that emergencies come up and that you may need to miss a session or two.

No, NUSHU Group is for everyone. We feel strongly that NUSHU Group should be available and accessible to anyone and everyone who can benefit from it!

NUSHU Group is led by a past participant who has undergone extensive training to become a Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator. He/she is trained to guide the group through their shares, offer support, and uphold a safe environment. Meet our NUSHU Group Facilitators here!

While sharing is encouraged, it is never required. “Pass" or “come back to me” are always available to you as a participant. Your safety and well-being are always the most important consideration, and NUSHU Group is set up to encourage and support you to advocate for yourself if you feel unsure or unsafe to share.

Yes. You must be 18 years old to participate.

Yes, confidentiality is important because it creates an atmosphere of trust and openness. We ask all participants to keep conversations and observations strictly private and confidential.

Yes! We offer complimentary introductory sessions so you can get to know the modality, become familiar with the format, and decide if it’s a right fit for you.

Please email any questions to We’re here for you, always!