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Last week marked a momentous occasion as the second annual NUSHU Mastermind Retreat unfolded in the picturesque setting of Stone Ridge, New York. A dynamic group of 18 thought leaders, entrepreneurs, founders, and practitioners, all of whom share a commitment to making a positive impact, graced the retreat with their presence. The essence of this […]

The NUSHU Mastermind Retreat, October 2023

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How to Boost Your Confidence The Number One Pep Talk To Give Yourself Everyday A guest blog post written by Success Coach, Angel Marie I’m scared. Nobody’s going to care about what I have to say. I’m not wise enough yet. I care too much what other people think. I’ll never make it. Is it […]

How to Boost Your Confidence by Angel Marie

photo of Angel Marie

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We sat down with Francesca Sipma, Founder and CEO of HypnoBreathwork® and Mastry. Francesca shares with us the origins of Mastry, her inspiration behind the concept, and her deep commitment to bringing this work into the world.     Welcome, Francesca! Please tell us about yourself and the origins of Mastry. I’m a former New […]

Q&A with Francesca Sipma: Founder and CEO of HypnoBreathwork and Mastry

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We sat down with Emily Tisch Sussman, host of the new and noteworthy She Pivots Podcast! She Pivots showcases the incredible stories of dynamic women who have pivoted in their careers for personal reasons. Among those women is Emily, who talks about her mid-career pivot that inspired the project in the interview below.     […]

Considering a Career Pivot? These Successful Women Share Their Stories on She Pivots.

Emily Tisch Sussman
Vanessa Cornell

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By NUSHU Founder Vanessa Cornell 01. Work hard every day on your self-doubt. Make it the leading edge of your personal work, because it’s the single thing that will hold you back the most.   02. Don’t waste time on being afraid to ask. It took me a lot of time and energy to work […]

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Business

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The people whose businesses you see grow to be really successful often come out of a point where they had a problem and they solved it for themselves. – Joanna Coles      ABOUT THIS EPISODE There is no doubt: things are changing, and fast. The way we conduct business, how we consume information, how […]

How To Market Your Brand in Changing Times with Joanna Coles

Joanna Coles Headshot

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The more we do, the more poorly we do it. The less we do, the more space we have and the better able we are to fully show up for the things that are getting our devoted presence and attention. – Kate Northrup     ABOUT THIS EPISODE What would your life be like with […]

Have More by Doing Less with Kate Northrup

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Success to me has nothing to do with money. Success to me has everything to do with my happiness and my wellness.And if money does come in, it comes in at the very end of the thought process. – Beatrice Dixon     ABOUT THIS EPISODE As an entrepreneur, is it possible to be in […]

Conscious Capitalism: How to Build a Thriving Business with Beatrice Dixon

Headshot of Beatrice Dixon

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We’re on these hamster wheels go go go and something like this crisis and pandemic happens and we are no longer allowed to function in our usual way. And, I think we think that that is the death of inspiration, but what it might be is actually the quieting of your habitual things that stop, […]

The Power of Writing as Portal to Creativity and Self-Discovery with Drew Barrymore

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Grief is the thing that does connect us to our humanity. Be worried when you don’t feel anything. I actually think that’s the biggest challenge we are facing right now, people who have completely disconnected from their capacity to be able to feel. – Rha Goddess     ABOUT THIS EPISODE What if the perfection […]

You Are Called: A Provocative Soul Conversation with Rha Goddess