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Every year we’re assaulted with hallmark card intensity that makes us feel like we need to do more, take action, and make major changes starting January 1. I think the new year is an opportunity to do exactly the opposite. It’s a perfect time to slow down, notice, and reflect. You see, pattern interruptions give […]

Why I’m Anti Go-Go-Go This Month

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Whitney Sweeney, Life Coach & Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator German tutor turned life coach and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator Whitney Sweeney shares how she rediscovered herself during a challenging period in her life and built an unexpected community of lifelong friends through NUSHU. “Someone in my NUSHU Group said to me the other day, ‘Where […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Whitney Sweeney

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The NUSHU Urban Retreat offered a space for restoration, friendship, and learning. The third iteration took place at Jolie in downtown Manhattan. We were thrilled to bring back the Urban Retreat after two years of hiatus due to COVID. As an annual day of wellness and appreciation for our local community, this retreat was true […]

2022 NUSHU Urban Retreat

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We sat down with Francesca Sipma, Founder and CEO of HypnoBreathwork® and Mastry. Francesca shares with us the origins of Mastry, her inspiration behind the concept, and her deep commitment to bringing this work into the world.     Welcome, Francesca! Please tell us about yourself and the origins of Mastry. I’m a former New […]

Q&A with Francesca Sipma: Founder and CEO of HypnoBreathwork and Mastry

Gifts for those who have everything

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I love discovering beautiful new things and supporting soulful and generous founders, so the holidays are full of creativity and joy for me (and wonderful products tied up in bows). I’m excited to share some of my favorites with you here. Don’t forget to take care of […]

Vanessa’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

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NUSHU held an intimate Mastermind Retreat in Catalonia, Spain in October 2022. It was a powerhouse gathering of thought leaders and friends. What unfolded was pure magic. We gathered for 5 days in Spain, intending to share encouragement, wisdom, advice, and support for each other’s work in the world. NUSHU founder, Vanessa Cornell, held space […]

The NUSHU Mastermind Retreat, October 2022

NUSHU Mastermind Retreat Property
Breaking Free: From Desperately Lonely to Deeply Connected a Masterclass with Vanessa Cornell

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Since her personal awakening, Vanessa Cornell has become a relentless and curious observer of the human condition and a leading voice for true empowerment in breaking down the guru paradigm in the wellness space.   On September 29, 2022, Vanessa Cornell, Founder of NUSHU, lead a free live Masterclass. In this deeply personal offering, Vanessa […]

From Lonely to Deeply Connected: A Free Masterclass with Vanessa Cornell

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We held a special retreat for our Certified NUSHU Group Facilitators in New York City on September 30, 2022. This was an opportunity for much of our beautiful community to gather IN PERSON for the first time! The day was filled with loving exchange, rich learnings, community celebrations, and NUSHU Group led by our founder, […]

NUSHU Facilitators Retreat, September 2022

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Emily Tisch Sussman

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We sat down with Emily Tisch Sussman, host of the new and noteworthy She Pivots Podcast! She Pivots showcases the incredible stories of dynamic women who have pivoted in their careers for personal reasons. Among those women is Emily, who talks about her mid-career pivot that inspired the project in the interview below.     […]

Considering a Career Pivot? These Successful Women Share Their Stories on She Pivots.

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Jean Dawkins, Accredited Mama Rising Facilitator and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator   Jean Dawkins is a renaissance woman. A classically trained pianist who built a successful medical transcription business followed by a piano studio she founded and ran for nearly 20 years, she’s climbed mountains and volcanoes around the world. Now in her fourth act, […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Jean Dawkins

Photo of Jean Dawkins
Photo of Susan Bates

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Susan Bates is a Poet, Grandmother, and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator.     From co-founding an internet service provider company to becoming Executive Director of a land trust to serving on multiple non-profit boards, Susan Bates, a retired engineer, is now in the “third third” of her life. Since completing NUSHU Group Facilitator Training over […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Susan Bates

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Beth Montgomery is an Aura Reader, Energy Healer, and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator.     An aura reader and energy healer, Beth Montgomery sees NUSHU as a safe space for healing, connecting, stepping into her power, and showing up as her most authentic self. “When I was a little girl, I saw colors around people, […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Beth Montgomery

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Joi Campbell is a Mental Health Counselor, Youth Programs Manager and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator      A champion for New York City youth living in and aging out of foster care, Joi Campbell is also one of NUSHU’s biggest advocates. Having completed NUSHU Group Facilitator Training, recommended NUSHU to friends and family, and held […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Joi Campbell

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Desiree Garrido is a Real Estate Agent, Life Optimization Coach and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator     With over a decade of life coaching experience and several years of real estate experience, Desiree Garrido is a powerhouse who extends her presence and her gifts to help individuals optimize the parts of their lives they want […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Desiree Garrido

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Dr. Nic Choren Pavick is the Creator of the Earth-Body Approach and Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator     A Certified NUSHU Group Facilitator and the Creator of the Earth-Body Approach, Dr. Nic Choren Pavick provides holistic fitness and regenerative care to individuals around the world. Combining the physical, emotional, social, mental, and spiritual pillars of […]

NUSHU Community Stories: Dr. Nic Choren

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01. Figure out how you want to spend your day. Block out times for different tasks based on when you’re most effective, daily and weekly. And schedule in time for rest and daydreaming! All of my creativity and insight comes when I’ve put aside the tasks and allowed myself space to dream.   02. Do […]

5 Lifestyle Tweaks To Support Your Journey Towards Better Wellbeing

Vanessa Cornell
Rha Goddess

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Rha Goddess is a cultural innovator, social impact strategist, and creative change agent. At NUSHU’s Annual Women in Wellness Lunch, Vanessa and Rha discussed “The Great Awakening.” After two years of living in a global pandemic, we pose some big questions: What have we learned? How have our values changed? How might we show up […]

The Great Awakening Post-Pandemic with Rha Goddess

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By NUSHU Founder Vanessa Cornell 01. Work hard every day on your self-doubt. Make it the leading edge of your personal work, because it’s the single thing that will hold you back the most.   02. Don’t waste time on being afraid to ask. It took me a lot of time and energy to work […]

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started My Business

Vanessa Cornell

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If you’re overly worried about offending someone, then you’re too dialed in to their experience rather than your own and you start self-abandoning.  – Dana Childs     ABOUT THIS EPISODE Renowned intuitive, energy healer, author and teacher Dana Childs joins us for a powerful conversation on navigating life as an empath with ease and […]

Understanding Your Empathic Gifts with Dana Childs

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My destiny is that I’m here to have intimate experiences with people that lead to their transformation and mine. – Lauren Ash     ABOUT THIS EPISODE What does it really mean to be a healer? We hear the world a lot, but what is our relationship to it? How do we step into our […]

Stepping into Your Potential as a Healer with Lauren Ash

Photo of Lauren Ash